Concerts With Causes, Inc.

"Making A Difference With Music"


Concerts With Causes Inc.

 Our mission is to present uplifting, inspiring entertainment as a way to raise awareness and money for community based projects.

Making a Difference Through Music

Music touches the human soul. It has the potential to heal, uplift, and inspire. These are priceless commodities in our current economy. Concerts With Causes unites musicians, volunteers and businesses who share our passion for giving back to our community. Through 5 years of grassroots action, our organization has already impacted thousands of lives.

Our Organization

Concerts With Causes (CWC) is a central CT based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Our mission is to present uplifting & inspiring entertainment in order to raise awareness and funds to benefit needs of the communities we serve. We organize concerts and other events to benefit different projects each season. 

CWC not only helps organizations in need, but also facilitates co-creation in our community by providing volunteer opportunities for talent and staff.


Our Services

The 'Music Project Company' , our  new sister company ,

now offers event planning, consulting, booking & artist development.  A percent of all proceeds are donated to CWC to help us do what we do.

We can operate at many different levels of involvement, from handling all aspects of the event to just counseling you through the process. We are able to plan a broad range of events appealing to many different musical interests. Examples include conventional concerts, dinner dances, comedy nights, car shows, open mikes, cruise nights; rock ‘n’ roll shows, partner events, outdoor musical festivals, and theme parties.

We work with all genres of music. Musicians and venues that need help with booking can contact us to discuss our networking services. We especially enjoy supporting young musicians and original artists.

Several of our members are available to speak to local organizations, clubs and civic groups on various topics including the healing benefits of music, children's music learning programs. artist development and fundraising in the community. All service  compensations are individually tailored and range from free of charge to a donation or nominal fee in which case a percent is donated to CWC.

We also offer an indirect service: the creation of opportunities for individuals to become inspired and involved with charitable organizations in their community. In this way, we promote volunteerism and positive change while exposing great music and entertainment to our audiences.

Because you ask…

The charities we raise money and awareness for have been very carefully chosen because we know of and have seen firsthand the impact they have on their benefactors. 

Each year we chose a different focus project  to enable us 

to serve a variety of needs in the community.

Our Inspiration ~ Our First Season

Two charities that inspire our work are Paul Newman's Hole in the Wall Gang Camp and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS).

The organizational structure of Paul Newman's Hole in the Wall Gang Camp and the immense outreach ability of its programs have inspired us and serve as a role model for our charity work.

The LLS has directly benefited some of our members who have been affected by a blood cancer, so we have personal experience with the quality and impact of their work.


 Our economy is making it more difficult for giving. Those in need are receiving less. Our organization unites musicians who want to "give back" with their music along with local business who want to get involved in the community with local charitable projects. 


"Music is inspiring & uplifting and a perfect source of entertainment for fundraising."

Our Special Community Music Project

The "Imagine It" Community Music Fund

Concerts With Causes, Inc is a Wallingford, Connecticut based, ongoing 501c3 non-profit organization formed July 2011. In 2014, the third year focus project put in place a permanent ongoing fund called the "Imagine It" Community Music Fund. The original purpose of this fund is to provide financial support to community youth who would like to pursue music learning opportunities. Since its inception, we have provided private music lessons to two young women, donated funds to the Wallingford Public School Music Department, the Wallingford Community Theater. Each year funds are also donated to the Augusta Curtis Cultural Center Youth Summer Music Program. After realizing the larger scope of community music opportunities we could help support, the name and mission of this fund has been changed to a Community Music Opportunity Fund. In 2016, we extended our resources to help kick start and offer continued support of the "Sessions", a community Family Open Mic program at the Coalition for a Better Wallingford and a monthly Meriden Farmers Market showcase of performers. In 2017, with the help of support from local businesses, we have supported more community open mics, farmers market entertainment at the Wallingford, Meriden and Middletown markets, music entertainment at the Wallingford Community Dinners and have continued to produce free audience concerts at local public access TV show "Music With Purpose" at WPAA-TV studios in Wallingford. The mission of this CWC "Imagine It" program is to enhance the quality of life in communities we serve by continuing to grow it's outreach bringing more music experience opportunities.

Why us?

Our CWC family of volunteers and supporters work very hard  to present music events that ensure exceptional quality, reasonably priced opportunities to spend your entertainment dollars in a way that "Makes A Difference"

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