Concerts With Causes, Inc.

"Making A Difference With Music"

Music With Purpose (MWP) was our 2016 initiative to support and raise awareness for WPAA-TV in Wallingford.

Most show formats include music guests that have a chance to showcase their original music and be interviewed creating many shows with diverse entertainment. Special projects and events are included in the lineup. Shows are taped with live audiences and provide fun,free, family friendly music entertainment for the Wallingford and surrounding communities. Shows are then edited and aired as well as uploaded to our youtube channel.

All edited shows can be watched by Wallingford residents on Public Access Channel 18 in Wallingford. 

Schedule can be found on the WPAA website

All others can tune in on the website

or go to the youtube channel

Our newest edited show with the BALKUN BROTHERS!


Classical Guitarist Jaclyn Jones 
Summer Edeen
Zack Carter
Lines West
Eliot Lewis
Castlefield Trio